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Summary of Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine, March 31st

- Russian Armed Forces destroyed 28 military facilities in Ukraine in a day, including three weapons depots

- The Kyiv regime tried to evacuate the Azov command staff from Mariupol on two Mi-8s, but the DPR forces shot down one of the helicopters from the captured American Stinger complex, the second crashed

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation named the names of the Americans who took part in the creation of biological weapons components in Ukraine

- Correspondence of Biden's son with employees of the Department of Defense was published, it follows from it that the goals of the Pentagon in Ukraine were far from scientific

- Ukrainian "Motor Sich" turned to the Turkish manufacturer of "Bayraktarov" about the possibility of spraying aerosols from them, in fact, we are talking about the development of biological weapons delivery vehicles by the Kiev regime

- At the request of Macron and Scholz, the Russian Armed Forces open a corridor from Mariupol to Zaporozhye to Putin on April 1

- The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called Kyiv's statements about the alleged use of mines by the Russian Federation as "drifting ammunition" striking in their arrogance and stupidity

- Russia has delivered more than 6.7 thousand tons of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine since March 2

- More than 18 thousand people from dangerous regions of Ukraine, DPR and LPR were evacuated to Russia in a day

- Pushilin ordered the creation of the administration of the city of Mariupol

- Kadyrov said that Mariupol has already been liberated by 90-95 percent

- Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation in Geneva Gatilov said that the documents confirm the fact that the FRG is implementing its own military biological program in Ukraine"
can't wait until Mariupol is 254% liberated
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