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Turkey says it will reject Sweden and Finlands accession to NATO (0) Zelenskyy announced he has captured his political rivals (1) Summary of Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine, March 31st (2) Ukranian Fascist Bandit calls for killing of Russian children and promotes idolatry and satanism (2) CIA coup's Pakistans prime minister (0) Slovenia holds referendum for flag change because its "too similar to Russia" (0) Hungary: The only neutral state in Europe (0) No more Western Intellectual Property in Russia (0) Russian Citizens refused healthcare worldwide (0) US Evil: 54 years ago today, My Lai massacre took place (0) Zelenskyy cries at video conference (0) Texas Warrior! American comes to Donbass to support Ukraine Liberation (1) Ukrainian Peoples Militia murders its own citizens (0) FILTH: Ukrainian Terrorist-Soldiers torture, kill, beat, and rape Indian university students (0) WATCH: Ukrainian Prisoners of War forced to visit memorial for children slain by Ukraine (0) Ukraine Military installations DESTROYED with new Russian Tech (0)

Ukraine Military installations DESTROYED with new Russian Tech

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